10 Bad Eating Habits


There are several types of bad eating habit that people posses from time to time, some people are able to know their bad eating behaviour while others do not notice with time. In order to find a solution, one must know the problem.

If you looking to maintain good health and weight loss, it’s important that you get rid of your bad eating habits, but how do you do that if you’re not even aware of them? Below is a list of 10 common bad eating habit that might apply to you.

1. Skipping Breakfast – Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, although there is a misconception that skipping breakfast would help you cut calories. Research says that eating breakfast can better help you lose weight as it helps improve metabolism and helps you avoid over eating to meetup for missed meals. A new study of Chinese schoolchildren found that those who skipped breakfast gained significantly more weight over a two-year period than those who ate a morning meal. People who tusually eat breakfast are known to get more fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, zinc and iron; and less fat and dietary cholesterol.

The Fix: Have ready healthy breakfast foods you can consume on the run. If you’re rushed, try easy items such as whole fruit, yogurt, homemade cereal bars, fresh juice and smoothies.

2. Late Night Eating – Eating late at night is not good if you plan to lose weight as there is not enough time for the food to digest before going to bed. Once asleep, metabolism slows down, and if most of the food content isnt digested before then, most of it is converted to fat.

The Fix: Brush your teeth or if at all you must eat something, take fruits instead.

3. Eating quickly – When you eat fast, it doesn’t give your brain time to catch up with your stomach. Your brain signals that you’re full about 15 to 20 minutes after you’ve started eating. If you eat your meal fast in 10 minutes or less, you could end up eating way more than your body needs.

The Fix: Eat slowly and in bits, take breaks inbetween bites and ensure to chew properly.

4. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach Just a few drinks can account for a quarter of your recommended daily calorie intake. Beer and alcohol in general is packed with calories, and if you consume it on an empty stomach it will go straight into your blood stream and get stored as fat. It increases the insulin level in the body which can make you crave for food you probably don’t need. 

The Fix: Eat before you drink

5. Eating heavy meals before bed –  If you eat a large meal that is especially high in carbohydrates before your body goes to rest, the chances are that your body will not burn them all for fuel. When you sleep, your body goes into “repair and store” mode, so if you are not active enough throughout the day, your body may turn the food into fat. Also, unless you haven’t met your daily caloric requirements, eating a large meal before bed can add unnecessary calories to your diet.

The Fix: Eat fruits, vegetables and lean protein before bed instead.

6. Skipping meals – Majority of us only have one to three meals a day, this bad eating habit is very common. This bad eating habit overloads the body with food to metabolize. This results in fewer nutrients being used as they should and more fat being stored away.

The Fix: It is recommended that you eat five to seven smaller meals a day and space them out two to three hours apart.

7. Eating Too Much or Too Little – This usually occurs due to a busy lifestyle or lack of knowledge on the appropriate daily intake. Whether trying to lose weight or not, you should know what the healthy intake is for you to maintain your current weight. By eating significantly less or more your body is at risk of muscle and strength loss, weight gain or loss, and many medical problems.

The Fix: Eat moderately

8. Drinking Fruit Juice – Pure fruit juice has lots of vitamins, but it also has a lot of sugar, usually more sugar than the fruit it came from. And sugar energy, when it’s not used immediately in the body, is stored as fat.

The Fix: Eat the whole fruit or drink calorie-free drinks like water, unsweetened tea.

9. Keeping Tempting Foods Around – It’s hard to resist temptation when it’s staring you in the face.

The Fix: Don’t let yourself see what you don’t want to eat

10. Too much snacks – Eating high calories snack like chips, gala etc to survice through working

The Fix: Manage snack time, limit the quantity of snacks you have access to.