6 Diet Trends in Nigeria 2016


Everyone these days seem to be on one form of diet or the other, there is this sudden wave of people wanting to be a certain way/size. Those that were once Team big and confident are all of a sudden Team healthy, Team Fit, Team slim and Happy or even Team Eating healthy. What happened to all the saying that size doesn’t matter or he/she likes it that way and the most common one ‘That was how God Created Me’.

In the end, the key is staying healthy, comfortable and truly happy. Below are the few diet trends in Nigeria 2016

  1. LIN (Loose It Nigeria) – An e-book that contains a collection of carefully selected and put together, macro balanced, tasty, reduced calorie Nigerian recipes for anyone trying to lose weight or anyone needing simple wholesome delicious recipes. It was compiled by Ronke founder 9jafoodie, more details can be found on 9jafoodie blog. It is definitly something to try with all the interesting alternatives to the regular high carbohydrate Nigerian meals and if you are a regular Instagram user you should know this.
  2. Ketogenic Diet – High fat, very low carbohydrate and medium protein diet. It involves reducing carbohydrate intake severely and increasing fat intake. The body enters into a metabolic state of ketosis where ketone fats are burned for energy instead of glucose. Key food include, Meat, diary, low-starch vegetables, seeds and nuts. Although this diet has its benefit, it may not be suitable for persons with heart or kidney conditions. This is one diet that was talked about in almost every health group on WhatsApp.
  3. Detox Plan – Once in a while our body system do need a cleanse, The Detox plan  involves cleansing the body by detoxifying to reduce bloat, trim a few pounds and clear up the skin. It involve taking raw fruits and vegetables instead of cooking, infused water.
  4. Vegeterian – Say no to meat or any food that isn’t from a plant. Although this diet includes only foods from plants: vegetables, fruits, legumes (dried beans and peas), grains, seeds and nuts, being vegetarian has different categories. There is the lactovegetarian diet includes plant foods plus cheese and other dairy products. The ovo-lactovegetarian (or lacto-ovovegetarian) diet also includes eggs. Semi-vegetarians don’t eat red meat but include chicken and fish with plant foods, dairy products and eggs.
  5. Fasting (Recession Diet) – Because it is recession and we can not afford to be buying our usual food, we just have to go spiritual about it and fast for some days. This was seen with those that mostly eat out, and due to the recession prices of all items went up. Meals that would ordinarily cost about NGN500 became NGN1000, leaving some people with no choice than to eat once or twice a day and fast other times.
  6. It’s all about Salad – Why not just have a bowl of salad? Salad seems to be solving more problems more than ever, more people are going into the salad business because of the high demand.

Let us see what 2017 brings to us.