Am of the school of thought that what tastes sweet to the tongue may not be so good for the body and what tastes less to the tongue may enhance the body’s well being. Don’t get me wrong though am not saying one should always indulge in the taste less things of life to live, am a sweet tooth; i love me some soft and cool carbonated drinks, or more so the white or red wines, one should still not leave out our organic food drinks. All these help in the best way they can but still one can not over stress the importance of the almighty natural water! Yes this drink containing just two chemical elements poses to help elate the human skin to its full natural potential.

Research has it that drinking enough water everyday helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles, being, most often times dehydrated in turn leaves ones skin dry and elastic, this elasticity in the skin breeds early wrinkles. Also drinking enough water everyday helps eliminate dark circles around the eye area, so yes ladies you’ve got a more natural relief so you may want to cut down a bit on the concealer…lol

Speaking of the face region, drinking sufficient amount of water daily also helps to keep the lips looking fresh and kissable lips sealed. To crown it all up sufficient water in ones system helps in better metabolism which in turn helps to keep one in shape. There you have it guys just a sneak peek on the relationship between water and your skin, for all those out there who would rather THE OTHER DRINK than Water? Fine but still sneak into your diet a glass or two from time to time, i assure you wont regret it.