OmaB | Mirror Selfie and Lasange – The Quarter Cafe


I have been a fan of The Quarter Cafe for quite some time on instagram and have used their order lines too, but i decided to pay a little visit to the Cafe.

I was on my way to meet up with some friends at a different Cafe but then i started craving Lasange, thought i could manage myself but the foodie in me said no. So i decided to reroute and take a drive down to The Quarter Cafe, thanks to google map, YES it works in Abuja although it was not so exact, but it got me to the street and i had to do the rest.

On getting to the gate, i noticed there was no sign board or anything that said The Quarter Cafe, the fence looked quite old, there were no cars packed outside, it basically looked like an old building no one lived in. But hey! ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, i did see some men seated outside by the gate and they confirmed i was in the right place when i asked. On getting in the compound, i then noticed the roll up stand which made me smile that i was sure in the right place, although it still looked like there was no one, was extremely quiet.

Inside the Cafe is totally different because it is pretty cute, simple and all white and black.



It also has this cute mirror, had to take a selfie *winks*


I ordered for my Lasagne which took about 40-60mins to be read, in that time i had to call my friends to come join me.

Lasagne served HOT


Other items on their menu worth trying are: red velvet waffle, gourmet burger, chapman lemonade.

Sneak peek of the menu

If you looking for a simple quiet place to study/read and have a little snack on the side? Then i would recommend The Quarter Cafe


Food 8/10

Service 8/10

Atmosphere 7/10

Value for money 7/10


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