Basic Potato Benefits

  1. Potatoes are Convenient:

It might take a little time to get the back out, but once its done, it is convenient and easy to prepare. Smaller potatoes potatoes can be microwaved in only 2/3 minutes 0r boiled in 10 minutes, whereas the larger potatoes can take about 8 /9 minutes in the microwave and boiled in 15/20 minutes.

  1. Potatoes are Healthy:

It can be seen as a healthy carbohydrate. An average potato has less than 100 calories, Potatoes are virtually fat free. Potatoes are highly rich in Vitamin B6, a substance needed for cellular renewal, a healthy nervous system and a balanced mood;  high in Vitamin C, and are high in potassium. Potatoes also contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity, also UK scientists at the Institute for Food Research have identified blood pressure-lowering compounds called kukoamines in potatoes.

  1. Potatoes are great value for money

Ways in which  potato can be used:-

  • potato fries
  • potato wedges
  • potato pie
  • potato pudding (a Jamaican specialty)
  • candied potatoes
  • potato salad
  • mashed  potatoes (mash with cheese for added zip)
  • potato smoothie
  • potato drink/punch
  • potato loaf
  • potato crisp or chips
  • potato cake
  • potato souffle
  • potato mousse
  • simple baked potato

Potato skins contain fibre and flavonoids and other nutrients, so keeping them on if you boil or mash potatoes will give extra nutrition. As Vitamin C leaches into water, bake your potatoes if you want to get the most of this vitamin. To prepare a healthy meal with potatoes, cut down on preparing with oil, butter, cheese (guilty of this), Chips that have been cooked in deep-fried oil will be soaked in artery-clogging fat and packed full of unhealthy calories. Instead, eat oven-baked chips, which are virtually fat free.

Potatoes either sweet or Irish can be prepared however you like but aim to create a healthy meal. Experiment and create your own dishes, and remember its benefit to your health.