Recipe for an extraordinary Nigerian Stew by TAD’s soup Kitchen


Hello foodies, my name is Timbyen Amos Dashe, but as a fellow foodie you can call me TAD, I run TAD’s soup Kitchen and make delicious soups for my clients. Today I have the opportunity to share with you one of my recipes.

Stew is something every Nigerian home enjoys with their staples/swallows too.

But eating stew sometimes can be so boring, cos you get so used to the same thing and the same taste. And believe it or not, some people make the blandest stews ever…..and I just wonder WHY?

Why ruin something so great that can save and define any meal….well I am here to help you, if you follow my recipe for stew…you will not be disappointed because it is SUPER EASY and even you would be feeling yourself!


15 pieces medium ripe tomatoes
20 pieces large Red bell peppers(Tatashe)
6-10 pieces of habanero peppers/atarodo (more or less)
5 large onions
2 thumb size ginger
6 big cloves of garlic(or less)
2 bay leaves(optional)
Seasoning cubes(according to taste)
press boiled/fried meat of choice
1+ cup Meat stock
2 cups of vegetable oil
Cinnamon 2 pinches(optional)
handful of scent leaves(optional but just gives your stew an extra umph)


Blend your tomatoes, tatashe, atarodo, onions, garlic, ginger and you can add the sent leaf and blend or chop and just wait till its done.(don’t blend it too smooth, but not too rough either)

In a pot, add oil and heat it up on medium heat.

When its hot, add your tomatoes puree(yes no pre boiling) this process boils and fries the stew at once.

Add your seasoning cubes too, and bay leaves + cinnamon if using,  there really is no need for curry and thyme cos you are using enough onions, garlic and ginger which would give it a nice aroma and taste, but you can add if you want.

Allow your stew to boil till its dry and the oil comes on top, then add your meat stock and allow cook for 5 more minutes then add your press boiled or fried meat of choice, chopped scent leaves (if you didn’t add in the blending) and cook for 2 more minutes.


The little ratio of tomatoes to onions and tatashe is the secret to superior taste and what gives you a soup that wont slap your cheeks with its sour taste!

I also personally do not cook with salt, hence no mention of salt or required quantity of seasoning cubes,  feel free to use what you please!

So….after 2 more minutes your stew is very ready, your neighbours would have been weary with wonder over who was tormenting them with such aroma! They sef would know that power has changed hands.


So boil some spaghetti if I may suggest and just enjoy!

I have no doubts you would never make stew the old way again.


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